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A Little About Me

Our Leadership Consultant and Life Coaches....

We have a heart ....

Hello My name is Monique R. Foster. I am a Leadership Consultant and Life Coach whose mission is to empower people into their full potential towards purpose and growth in all areas of life: family, relationships, spiritual, career, health, financial, organizational cultural behavior and developments.

I have a heart for individuals who travel the road into finding who they are, their dreams, visions on life, and becoming successful. 

I’m an author of, “Praise God I’m Free!” Inspirational writings that explains freedom from past, identity, and purpose. 

My Accomplishments

I’ve trained and continue to train at World Coach Institute

I hold several other credentials that lead me into the knowledge of serving my clients: a Master of Arts in Leadership and Business Management, Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration and Ethics and Licensing in Christian Leadership.